Friday, March 16, 2018

Beautiful, Strong Women: Poems of the Journey to Overcoming Domestic Violence by Kimberly Hockaday

Beautiful, Strong Women: Poems of the Journey to Overcoming Domestic Violence

ISBN-10: 1984042750

ISBN-13: 978-1984042750

Beautiful, Strong Women is a collection of short poems dealing with violence towards women, sharing the pain and healing of Domestic Violence victims and survivors as well as the fight for respect for women. A perfect read for supporters of the #Metoo movement.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Discover Author: Prakask Vir Sharma, who wrote "W to M of Self Publishing"

W to M of Self publishing: Why Do Indie Authors Fail?

by Prakash Vir Sharma

Have you ever considered to make a plan for your literary journey that starts from Marketing?

Have you ever considered that an experienced coach is better than a knowledgeable one?

Have you ever tried to find out your mistakes as an author?

Do you know what inspires a reader to buy a book?

Do you know paid promotion sites hardly bring sales for you? 

Do you know you may be there on top in Amazon rank, even without paid promotions?

Do you know why Amazon deletes book reviews?

Have you ever thought that success depends on opportunities and strategies more than your talent?

If your answer to any of these questions is NO, then this is the book you must read.

Page UP and BUY now to know the obstacles in your literary journey and become a successful Authomarketer by eliminating those obstacles.

Though this book is written for the beginners yet established authors and writing coaches may get some wonderful ideas from my experiences, to increase their business.

Book-Genre: Non-fiction
Description: A beginner's guide on self-publishing
Kindle ASIN: B07B57FTBR

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Bravery Of A Nurse by Carole P. Roman - featured on

The Bravery Of A Nurse
by Carole P. Roman 

We are going on week three of my husband’s stint in the local hospital. He had an emergency and has been in Intensive Care waffling between good days and bad days, mixed with a lot of painful procedures.

It hasn’t been easy. I am there from six in the morning until six or seven at night, sitting, helping, asking questions.

I’ve had several operations, been to the ER enough times to have a healthy respect for nurses, but spending the last few weeks with them in the ‘trenches’ has been a life-changing experience for me.

There is a crew of about twelve women, diverse in every way you can imagine. Some are from Long Island, my home. Others come from the Bronx, Queens, and upstate. Many are from Haiti, India, and a variety of other countries. All of them are dedicated.

I never thought about the bravery of a nurse. The week my husband had his issues they were bombarded with flu. The ER had stretchers lining the halls and newbies were brought into the ICU every day. A snowstorm made driving treacherous. I met the manager of the nurses in the elevator, coordinating shifts, making sure there would be coverage. While we close our office if the snow is terrible, and teachers get snow days, I never thought about the nurses. They travel too, and yet they arrived travel-weary, managing to fight the blizzard and come back, without question.

My husband is one of the younger patients in the unit, a veteran of lung cancer, a heart attack, and now to complete his trifecta, a stroke. He was in a drug-induced coma for almost fifteen days, a necessary evil with intubation.

I donned a mask as the room filled with flu victims, sent my adult children from their father’s side, afraid they might bring the disease home. Signs were posted indicating that all personnel must wear protective gear when tending to the flu patients.

A feisty, elderly patient was brought in, and no amount of sedative calmed her. She ripped out her IV, screaming she wanted to go home. I watched slack-jawed as she managed to get off the bed. Without care for themselves, the respiration therapist and four nurses barreled into her cubical preventing her from harming herself.

They did it without donning protective gear, instinctively reacting selflessly to save a life.

I never realized the scope of a nurses dedication. While I respected them as professionals, I realized they are so much more. Like soldiers, they put themselves at high risk, often without any regard or notice. They have families, children, yet they show up, prepared to battle disease. Their job involves the most undesirable projects, personal, yet they manage the grimmest and nastiest with grace and privacy.

Nurses are devoted to their job. They’d have to be. Their clientele is cranky, and often unappreciative.

When I called one morning as soon as I woke, to see how my husband fared that night, the nurse covering indicated he had a rough few hours, nothing they couldn’t handle, and they decided not to alert me. You see, they felt I needed to rest. I got teary. In all the commotion to save my spouse, and keep him well, they even thought of me. I felt nurtured and protected. They made me feel part of their team. I will never forget them.

Nurses are special people, that often go without being recognized for the excellent service they do for the community. Their kindness and expertise are vital in times when you need it most.

Doctors are the rocks stars of the hospital. Nurses are undervalued and in some cases are not compensated enough for the excellent service they provide.

Thank a nurse, today. They are unique people and deserve our respect.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Indie Authors Monthly - Feb 2018

Indie Authors Monthly - Feb 2018

We meet Sci-Fi author Edward Willet and Romance Author Rebel Farris

Click on the link below to view Indie Author's Monthly Feb 2018 Issue

Indie Authors Monthly is a new magazine geared with a focus on exceptional Indie Authors and readers. We aim to connect readers with new authors, while being the go-to source for indie author news, events and processes. Readers get a unique perspective into authors and have opportunities to sound off on their likes and recommendations. Readers can find author events for the ultimate fan experiences and lively ads to showcase new books that may interest them.

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